Communicate to Connect: NVC Foundation Training

Sat 20 - Sun 21 Oct 2018

Wellness Movement, 121 Trafalgar Street, Nelson, New Zealand Map

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The weekend will run from 10am-4pm and morning tea is provided
This 2 day Introductory training in Nonviolent Communication (NVC) will offer an overview of the 4 step model of NVC and focus on the development of empathy skills. You will gain tools that can be applied immediately in daily life, bringing more honesty and harmony to all relationships - both at home and work. No previous experience is required, It can be helpful to view the YouTube links below prior to the training.

Nonviolent Communication (otherwise known as NVC or Compassionate Communication) is a process that was developed by psychologist Marshall Rosenberg in the 1960s. Based on principles of nonviolence, the natural state of compassion, NVC reminds us how uplifting it feels to authentically connect with ourselves and other human beings. It offers practical and powerful skills that enhance relationships and enrich life, developing a deep sense of internal peace. NVC can be experienced as a spiritual practice, and as a concrete set of tools, which help create life-serving families and communities. The model is simple, yet powerfully transformative. By practising NVC we learn to identify what is alive, both in ourselves and in others. We are able to hear what the true intention is and what lies beneath the words/behaviour. We learn how to identify our feelings and understand our needs. We learn to listen deeply. NVC encourages the cultivation of presence, which is a quality of being that exists in all of us. Compassionate presence supports connection to occur effortlessly and healing to unfold naturally. There is an utter simplicity in cultivating presence and as we begin to meet others that way, wonderful things will occur.


What is NVC (4 mins):

NVC Introduction with founder Dr Rosenberg (3hrs):

NVC full Introduction (audio only - 9hrs):

Anna Groves:
Deep listening underlies all of Anna’s communication. Her ability to empathise enables Anna to connect with people from all walks of life. She is passionate about Nonviolent Communication (or Compassionate Communication) and regards it as a way of life. Anna experiences NVC as a process that not only supports honest relating, with the self and other, but as a spiritual practice. She first discovered NVC in 2005 and has been offering training's since 2007. In 2009 she studied with Marshall Rosenberg and became certified. More recently she has completed Robert Gonzales' two-year LIFE program. Anna is actively engaged in the global dyad inquiry project, a meditation practice with a partner that uses NVC tools. As she is a performing artist, Anna’s training's are interactive and full of fun. She has a graduate diploma in teaching, and a degree in the performing and screen arts. Anna has offered Nonviolent Communication training for teachers, social workers, psychologists, teenagers, counselors, health workers, business managers and public groups. She has taught communication at state and private secondary schools.

Rob ten Broeke:
After suffering a serious injury in his professional sports career, Rob discovered hypnotherapy and NLP which changed the course of his life. Since then, he has traveled on a new path of creativity and healing. Rob is passionate about living life fully and freely. He found NVC 20 years ago, and has integrated the language into his life. He only offers tools that he has integrated into his own life. Rob supports people to break free from restricting habits and patterns, helping them make long-lasting changes in their lives. He uses a range of tools to guide people into a deep state of relaxation, where the subconscious can be accessed, so that core transformation can take place. Rob's voice is soothing and deeply empathetic. He offers a safe and secure space that supports change. Rob is also a proficient musician, so all his work is deeply founded in creativity.

*“The course was everything I hoped for and more. Already I can see major changes in relationships that are a reflection of your competent work.” Leigh, Wellington
*“I love Anna as a facilitator; she walks the talk. I love her realness and ability to be vulnerable.” – Irma

We encourage you to book and pay early to confirm your spot as previous training's have booked up well in advance due to the limited places available.

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